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I have used Pro Source for the past few years for important orders and I can't begin to express my complete and total satisfaction with every order I have placed!

Traci is a wonderful source for ideas, always coming up with something creative, no matter what my theme or budget. She is basically my "idea factory" and my clients have been thrilled when we have presented so many items that they had never seen before. She has made me look good to my clients time after time (although I always give her the credit).

The quality on all products has also been excellent. If there are ever any concerns or specific questions about a product, she researches my questions immediately and gets back to me right away.

The final trait that makes Pro Source a great partner to work with is their fabulous and consistent customer service. They take over all my worry about timing and making sure the order gets to my customer by their in-hands date. This may be their greatest strength, and it is so important in our industry.

In closing, I really can't imagine working with an importer any better. I look forward to continuing a mutually beneficial relationship for many years to come.
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